Tuesday, December 13, 2011


NeverShoutNever is a one-man band put together by a boy named Christofer Drew Ingle. He has been in other bands, including eatmewhileimhot! He began like most artists do these days, by putting some of his tunes onto the internet. There were about 15,000 views of his songs every day, so he decided that he would take a shot and record some - and it was worth it. Christofer soon became a hit with his pop/acoustic style music, playing mostly the the guitar and the harmonica (at the same time) and using his voice. Hot Topic's clothing line also featured some of his albums. Recently, NeverShoutNever has gained more members, turning into an actual full band.

Chris had a pretty rough time growing up. He was always moving around, so he never became cool, he was laughed at for never being the kid to play football, and he was pressured into doing a few things that he will always regret. This is what inspired Chris to write most of his songs. A lot of his songs are also about love, and how that is all that he has ever looked for. His songs all tell a story about different things that have happened to him. To help inspire him are his 2 sisters, Hannah and Sarah, and his brother, David. They have been some other very important parts to his song writing.

Personally I believe that NeverShoutNever is a fantastic band (probably my favorite). They are very inspiring and a lot of their songs make you want to dance. They are the kind of thing that you would love to listen to if you were in the mood to relax, dance, or just sing a fun tune. Its the kind of music that you may get stuck in your head, but its so great that you don't really seem to mind it much. A great music experience.

For a longer bio on Christofer Drew, and a full song list, visit the NeverShoutNever site.

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  1. Epic post about an epic band, great job muffin :). It's nice to know a little bit more about this band/Chris drew...and now that I think of it Can't Stand it has been stuck in my head.~BP