Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pop Music!

According to one source, pop music has been around since around the 1950's. The first glimpse of pop music was probably given to us by Elvis Presley. That is a lot different then the pop music that we listen to today. The reason that our music is changing so much is because of all the technology that is being added to it. Pop has been experimented with so much that it is becoming something completely different then what it used to be. With all the new technology that could be added to music to make it boppy, or to change a sound of an instrument, or even to use no real instruments at all, pop music is evolving into something that is becoming more like all the other genres.

You can see the resemblance between pop and just about any other kind of music. Its almost like they could all be connected in some kind of way. I do enjoy listening to pop, its a nice genre, but I'm beginning to like it less and less because it is more like all the other genres that i don't really like a much. I wish that they would take out all of the technology stuff, I feel like its better that way.

The Information in this blog was found on the site Pop Passes Fifty.


  1. I really enjoy reading the information about different genres. Although you title is a little bit deceiving. I thought this was going to be a blog about the most up to date songs not about genres.

  2. Good job, I agree about the too much technology. -AW

  3. Good post. As a music fan, I found it interesting to read. One thing I'd like to see you add is quotes. In the case of this post, quoting someone's definition of pop music might be a nice add! --RW